A Conversation With Chef Chris Eddy

Here at Winvian Farm, our AAA Five Diamond culinary experience is foundational to our luxury hospitality. We’re proud to offer the very finest in seed-to-table cuisine in the Litchfield Hills of northwestern Connecticut, setting our resort apart as not just a place to stay (and a lauded wellness retreat and event venue), but also a regional dining destination.

Our not-so-secret weapon on the culinary front is Winvian Farm’s Executive Chef Chris Eddy, who helms an incredibly talented team and expresses a singular gastronomic vision and philosophy that all of our guests benefit from.

We recently set down with Chef Chris to pick his brain a little and find out what diners at Winvian Farm can expect at our on-site farm-to-fork restaurant this summer.

Getting the Latest Lowdown From Winvian Farm Executive Chef Chris Eddy

We kicked things off by asking Chef Chris how he’s feeling about his impressive tenure here at Winvian Farm: going on 17 years at this point.

“I can’t believe it has been so long,” he said. “Winvian is my home. It is a cook’s dream.”

Needless to say, it’s a dream for us to have Chef Eddy’s culinary talent and creativity as part of the Winvian Farm package!

And speaking of creativity, Chef Chris and his team are continually pushing the envelope and keeping things fresh in the Winvian kitchens: “always continuously working new angles to improve our culinary game,” as he puts it.

“This has been my favorite part of the work,” Chef Chris said. “I’m always striving to make the simple something exquisite.”

We asked our executive chef what diners ought to know about him, and he gave a succinct and inspiring answer: “I have a great love for and devotion to each and every guest, and I strive to ensure that they feel the same way about us!”

Where does Chef Chris draw his inspiration? “My team, the garden, my family, my drive to work,” he reported.

The Winvian Farm Team

Chef Chris couldn’t say enough good things about the skilled and passionate individuals who make up the Winvian Farm culinary team. We’ll quote him in full to give you a picture of that amazing roster:

Sarah is our pastry chef. She is baking-passionate and always forward-looking. She insists on seasonality and likes to play with tradition, giving it twists of novelty.

“Jackson is our vegetable specialist. He can do anything with any vegetable from our gardens.

Byron takes the lead on meat and fish. He’s a perfectionist.

Bety is always finding a way to better help out guests start their day with a delicious breakfast.

Domingo is the anchor on the resource side. He’s responsible for all of our vegetable production in the garden.

SandyMilton, and Manuel keep the place shining.”

What’s on the Plate at Winvian Farm

The farm-to-table menu here at Winvian Farm is seasonally informed and changes weekly, so it’s always exciting to pull up a seat at the table and see what magic Chef Chris and his team have worked with the freshest ingredients.

“At the moment,” Chef Chris told us, “given the abundance of the gardens, we’re playing a lot with vegetable confits. It’s a great way to go. And we’re loving the results, as are our guests.”

Come Dine With Us This Summer at Winvian Farm

Our restaurant (and the associated Maggie’s Tavern) draw from the bounty of our very grounds here at Winvian Farm. Our organic gardens and greenhouses, plus our herb beds, orchard, and root cellar, supply the bulk of the ingredients you’ll get to enjoy via Chef Chris Eddy’s swoony farm-to-fork menus.

Summer’s here, and it’s sheer joy to tuck into the warm-season Litchfield Hills bounty at The Restaurant at Winvian Farm and Maggie’s Tavern. Come taste for yourself!



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