Artist Jennifer Sabella at Winvian Farm

Guests at Winvian Farm find themselves surrounded by plenty of beauty: the beauty of the forests and fields of the Litchfield Hills, first and foremost, but also the architectural loveliness of our luxury resort, the perfection of the seed-to-table dishes at our gourmet restaurant—as gorgeous to look at as they are delicious. 

Then there’s our rich collection of on-site art, which includes strong representation by local artists. Today at the Winvian Farm blog, we wanted to spotlight one of those local creators whose work you’ll currently find on display at our resort: the painter and sculptor Jennifer Sabella.

Jennifer Sabella & Her Striking Colors

Born in New York City into an artistic family—she’s the daughter of the Broadway actress and dancer Bambi Linn, for one thing—Sabella is a resident of Litchfield, Connecticut, and thus very much an expression of the incredible artistic talent brimming in our immediate backyard here at Winvian Farm.

Surrounded from an early age by diverse creative talents and inspired by the stimulation of museum- and theatergoing, Sabella has honed her artistic style across years of experimentation and searching. She describes herself as an abstract contemporary artist and colorist, most focused on color and texture: her current position on a journey of expression that’s taken her quite far from the highly technical pen-and-ink renderings she worked on in high school.

Among Sabella’s signature works are her vibrant “drips” or color streams, which in a gravity-driven process integrate line after line, layer after layer of different hues into evocative striped canvases. 

Sabella says her favorite artist is Wolf Kahn, another master of color. Her works come from her imagination: Rather than embarking on a new piece with any particular set goal, she lets it breathe and evolve moment by moment.

She tells us the most rewarding part of making art is creating something that resonates with another person, forming a “genuine connection.” To produce quality artwork, in Sabella’s estimation, you must “be fully vested in everything you do”; and “you have to love it before you give it someone.”

Enjoy Jennifer Sabella’s Art at Winvian Farm

We came to know Sabella’s remarkable work through the classes she teaches in the area. We’re honored to have this Litchfield artist’s pieces on display here at Winvian Farm, and hope you’ll spare some time to experience them during your stay with us. In the meantime, check out her website and her Instagram gallery—and prepare to swoon!

We’ll also note that Sabella has a Solo Exhibit show coming up in November of this year at the Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT—just a hop, skip, and a jump north of our resort.


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