Everybody Water at Winvian Farm

At Winvian Farm, we love supporting local businesses, and supporting initiatives that help protect the planet and promote social justice. We also, of course, love providing our guests with the very best luxury hospitality possible.

All the above boxes are definitely firmly checked with Everybody Water. We provide all of our guests with 100% recyclable, sustainably produced cartons of Everybody Water, hailing from a socially and environmentally conscious company founded by two Connecticut women, Kimberly and Megan. 

Introducing Everybody Water

Everybody Water’s delicious product, produced by a reverse-osmosis process, is refreshing as can be. But that’s not its only appeal—not by a long shot.

This small, women-owned business aims not only to produce great-tasting water, but to do so with as low a carbon footprint as possible, and with the broader aim to provide running water to households where a lack thereof forces women to invest time they otherwise would on education fetching and carrying water. 

“Without running water in their homes,” Everybody Water explains on its website, “millions of women and girls are spending their time collecting water instead of attending school, earning incomes, and pursuing their dreams.”

The company, its founders explain, “was envisioned as a beautiful statement piece that would not only offer an alternative to plastic water bottles, but also offer the opportunity to support a company with a mission to help bring infrastructure that provides running water in people’s homes for the first time.”

In other words, Everybody Water comes by its tagline—“Water With a Heart”—honestly.

Production, packaging, and transport of Everybody Water’s reverse-osmosis water is done with minimizing the business’s carbon footprint as much as possible. The BPA-free, non-PET Tetra Pak cartons are sourced from sustainably managed timber and come certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and the bioplastic caps are made from sugarcane. 

You can learn more about Everybody Water’s backstory, mission, and product details at the company’s information-packed website.

Enjoy Everybody Water While Supporting a Worthy Cause During Your Winvian Farm Stay

Stay hydrated at Winvian Farm while caring for our big blue planet and supporting the education and livelihoods of women at a global scale. We think you’ll love the taste of Everybody Water, just one of the many amenities we provide all of our guests here at our luxury resort in Northwest Connecticut’s lovely Litchfield Hills. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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