Warm Holiday Wishes from Winvian Farm

On behalf of myself and the extraordinary Winvian Team, warmest greetings from Winvian Farm! We wish you a blessed and joyous holiday season.

This upcoming holiday season is a time of reflection for me as I think back to what has transpired over the past year and a half. Much has changed in our hospitality world since the onset of COVID-19. From the time we reopened Winvian in mid-June of 2020, COVID safety measures dictated changes in how our team would continue to deliver exemplary services to our guests.

Our dedicated team has collectively embraced and supported our “Pure Winvian” protocols, which were specifically implemented to protect everyone on property. Thanks to these changes, we have become known as a “COVID Sanctuary” where appreciative guests feel safe, comfortable, and eager to return. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my entire Winvian Family and for all that every department has done to ensure Winvian’s ongoing success as a premier travel destination. The unique experiences our family creates are unparalleled, from the moment our guests arrive to the moment they reluctantly depart. Our guests recognize and appreciate the collaborative efforts by every team member and applaud their professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication to Winvian Farm. No wonder our repeat reservations are so numerous!

Thank you all so much and a special thank you to Team Winvian! Here’s to many more years of collaborative success. To our loyal friends and guests, thank you for believing in and supporting us, through good times and bad.

Hurry back, as we are looking forward to welcoming you again to the Litchfield Hills. Your cottage awaits! 

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.



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