Will & Jill of Hungry Reaper Farm

Fantastic seed-to-table dining is part of our M.O. here at Winvian Farm. We’re excited to announce a major development on that front: As our very own Winvian Farm Chef Chris Eddy and his team decide to key exclusively into their masterly kitchen work, a couple of ambitious and talented farmers are taking over the all-important working-the-soil operations at our Litchfield Hills resort.

Turning Out Fabulous Bounty for Winvian Farm Diners

Will O’Meara and Jill Verzino, the tag team behind Connecticut’s own Hungry Reaper Farm, are joining forces with Winvian Farm to supply our gourmet, farm-to-fork restaurant with the freshest and the finest produce sourced right here on the property.

The bounty they’ll be harvesting includes not only the tried-and-true basics—lettuce, tomatoes, summer squash, snap peas, cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, and more—but also a variety of fabulous specialty produce, not least the goods for an absolutely spicy salad mix founded on mizuna, Tokyo bekana, and a variety of spicy mustard greens.

We’re so thrilled to be working with these two young farmers to keep the Winvian beds churning out delicious local goodness, giving Chef Eddy and the crew—who’ve essentially decided to “stick to the knitting” in terms of cooking, as opposed to farming—the ingredients they need to work up their own utter magic in the Restaurant at Winvian Farm kitchens. (Those kitchens, not to toot our own horn too much, are legitimately award-winning.)

Connecting Winvian Diners With Fabulous Ingredients & Kitchen Craftsmanship, Connecting Young Farmers With Fertile Soil

But this is an absolutely symbiotic relationship. We benefit directly and magnificently from Will and Jill’s hard work and savvy feel for the land, and meanwhile they get some productive acreage on which to do their thing—and that’s a commodity not easy to come by these days for aspiring farm workers, unfortunately. Will, it should be noted, also works for an organization called Land for Good, which strives to connect young farmers with that most precious resource of all in that line of work.

Experience the Next Chapter in Winvian Farm’s Farm-to-Fork Dining

We look forward to delighting your taste buds with the goodness of Winvian Farm’s rich Northwest Connecticut soil, the agricultural gusto and know-how of Will and Jill, and the culinary wizardry of Chef Eddy on your next stay with us at our luxury resort here in the Litchfield Hills. We hope you’ll pull a seat up to our table this summer!


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