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Here at Winvian Farm, we of course welcome one and all for a one-of-a-kind luxury retreat in northwestern Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills: one of the truly special corners of New England.

That includes families and those flying happily solo, but our rustic yet refined pleasure-scape certainly exudes prodigious appeal for lovebirds. Our romantic—and our sustainability—credentials lately got a shout-out at, which naturally we’re pretty darn chuffed about!

Happy Company

The Brides article in question, written this past April by Kelly Acciardo, is titled “Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Suites That Make Going Green Sexy (and Easy).” And in it we find ourselves here at Winvian Farm profiled alongside romantic and ecologically conscious resorts across the globe, from Chiang Mai, Thailand and Savusavu, Fiji to Guanacaste, Costa Rica and Brooklyn, New York.

Acciardo describes our Litchfield Hills as “a retreat so artistically curated and brilliantly conceptualized, it’s hard to think of anywhere else to eco ‘moon if your wedding is taking place in New England.” Well, needless to say, we agree…

The article judges all of our 18 distinctively designed cottages as “pretty epic,” but singles out three of them as especially appealing for a “sustainable stay.”

Acciardo spotlights our Camping Cottage, ideal for nature lovers given its king-size tented bed, sylvan murals, wood-burning fireplaces, and woodsy sense of place imparted by generous windows and an arched ceiling. Also given the nod in Brides is our Greenhouse Cottage, glass-canopied for full-on night-sky appreciation and gorgeously forest-ensconced.

And for perhaps the premium experience in the “forest-ensconced” department, look no further than our Treehouse Cottage, perched 35 feet in a lovely Litchfield Hills hardwood canopy: “a childhood fantasy turned grown-up haven,” as we describe it, like no other luxury accommodations you’ve enjoyed.

Classes & Packages

The Brides writeup also mentions one of the signature unique experiences we offer our guests: cooking classes and garden education amid our fabulous farm-to-table culinary landscape overseen by Executive Chef Chris Eddy.

Our Litchfield Hills resort is a much sought-after wedding destination, and Acciardo’s Brides article gives special mention to our Elopement Package: a great choice for head-over-heels lovers looking to eschew some of the pomp and circumstance and cut to the nuptial chase.

Join Us at Our Romantic New England Resort

Proud as we are of such attention as the recent Brides article, we’re all the more proud to see the smiling faces of our guests downright smitten with the Winvian Farm experience: whether they’re seeking an elegant romantic escape for the weekend or actually tying the knot. Come experience just how magical—and how romantic—Winvian Farm can be!


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