Winvian Farm & White Flower Farm

With the spring equinox freshly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to officially pronounce that spring has sprung up here in the beautiful Litchfield Hills of northwestern Connecticut.

Around Winvian Farm, spring arrives with a flourish: the trilling of songbirds passing through on migration or setting up local nesting digs, the budding-out of our deciduous trees, and—of course—a whole lot of fragrant flowering going on.

Our Neighbors at White Flower Farm

Speaking of, Winvian guests have some gorgeous blooms to wander within easy reach of our sprawling Litchfield Hills paradise. Just a stone’s throw to the east lies White Flower Farm, which for more than 60 years has grown ornamental plants for gardeners all around the United States. The grounds of the nursery, which include lavish trial and display gardens, reopen at the beginning of April, and the vernal show is one you won’t want to miss!

The property got its cultivated start in the 1930s, when White Flower Farm founders William Harris and Jane Grant moved here from New York City. The company is named for a border they planted entirely in white-petaled flowers: a plot called the Moon Garden you can still see here.

A White Flower Farm Mosey

There’s dazzling diversity on tap at White Flower Farm, and strolling its flowerbeds and shrubbery immerses you in a springtime spectacle. The farm offers a self-guided walking tour that’ll take you from the Moon Garden to the honeysuckle and clematis beside an 18th-century cottage, from the fragrant interior of the Begonia House to the Tree Peony Grove and the lush bed of “Wings Over Water” Siberian irises.

Of course, bloom times vary, but from spring through autumn there’s always something to see at White Flower Farm. And naturally the nursery store can provide you with the makings of your own seasonal garden—and not just myriad flowers and shrubs, either, but a whole array of garden tools, art, and structures, too.

White Flower Farm Events

Besides the self-guided strolls and horticultural sales, White Flower Farm also offers regular presentations and guided forays during its visiting season. Check out the calendar and see if any of these events are taking place during your Winvian Farm stay. Upcoming offerings include an April 22nd primer on tree care and a May 6th session on garden-to-table cuisine (complete with lunch!).

Winvian & White Flower Farm: A Magical Combo

Come celebrate the advent of spring with us here at Winvian Farm, and pay a visit to our neighbors at White Flower Farm while you’re at it: For Litchfield Hills beauty and tranquility, it’s an unbeatable one-two punch.


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