Microgreens At Winvian Farm

If you’re a first-time winter visitor to Winvian Farm, it may come as a surprise that our fine-dining restaurant’s “seed-to-table” approach continues during these cold—and cozy—months. That means that in addition to enjoying the utmost in upscale Litchfield Hills hospitality in our themed cottages—rustically inspired but decked out with all the luxury amenities and conveniences you could ask for—you’ll also get to experience Executive Chef Chris Eddy’s locally oriented, homegrown cuisine despite the season.

In the depths of Northwest Connecticut’s midwinter, that’s in large part due to the microgreens Chef Eddy and his team grow all year-round here at Winvian Farm: flavorful, lovingly tended roughage that comes intensely packed with nutrients.

Seed-to-Table Dining at Winvian Farm: Winter Edition

Chef Eddy believes strongly in a “pure food philosophy” founded on the use of fresh, organic, non-GMO ingredients. His creative, seasonally attuned cookery benefits not only from his high-caliber culinary education—he trained under such mentors as Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse, and applies a comprehensive knowledge of the world’s great cuisines and cooking techniques to his work—but also an ingredient-based spontaneity: continual creativity inspired by what’s available and what’s freshest on a day-to-day basis.

The Restaurant at Winvian Farm—which has earned such accolades as a 2013 listing among the Top Five Best Restaurants by Connecticut Magazine—draws upon not only the highest-quality ingredients sourced from other providers but also the bounty of our resort’s grounds. The kitchen has plenty to work with given the varied harvest from our very own organic gardens, greenhouses, herb beds, apiary, henhouse, orchard, and root cellar.

This time of year, microgreens—veggie greens harvested after the sprouting stage, with the first growth of true leaves—continue to lend Winvian Farm dishes hyper-local flavor and healthfulness. Research suggests microgreens pack many times the nutritive punch of larger, more mature greens, and they add plenty of textural and aesthetic value to a dish as well. Our culinary crew’s fine-tuned cultivation of produce each and every season, including these bright and zesty midwinter microgreens, ensures that no matter when you stay with us, you’re tasting a bit of Winvian Farm with every meal.

Winter Dining—and Hospitality—at Winvian Farm

You can learn more about the Restaurant at Winvian Farm’s year-round dedication to seed-to-table dining here, and get a sense for the ever-shifting, place-based menus Chef Eddy presents here.

We hope you’ll come join us soon in the gorgeous winter-scape of the Litchfield Hills: relishing the luxury hospitality of our cottages and spa services, and the exceptional seasonal cuisine our on-site restaurant conjures all throughout the year.


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