Planning a Hygge Vacation in Litchfield Hills, CT

Are you familiar with the Scandinavian concept of hygge?

Well, a few years back we reckon probably not, but these days this charming element of Danish culture has really blown up—and it’s not terribly surprising. After all, while hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) doesn’t have a clean and concise English translation, its basic meaning is something that appeals to just about everybody: taking time to be, well, cozy.

As a 2015 BBC report on the subject noted, hygge—“an entire attitude of life that helps Denmark to vie with Switzerland and Iceland to be the world’s happiest country”—can be cultivated year-round, but it’s most associated with winter.

Well, Winvian Farm is one big haven of hygge. Don’t just take our word for it: The hotel website Trivago included our Litchfield Hills resort in its roundup of the coziest, most hygge-worthy winter lodgings in the country. It talked up the rustic luxury of our 18 cottages, and specifically highlighted their in-room fireplaces and the plentiful snowfall of our region—Connecticut’s Northwest Highlands—as really racking up the hygge points.

The Hygge Experience at Winvian Farm

Indeed, this time of year the hygge just about overflows on our 113 acres of rolling forest and meadow. From Beaver Lodge and Woodlands to Charter Oak and Treehouse (which earns its name honestly, being perched 35 feet in the canopy), our resort cottages all have their own highly individual aesthetic and mood, but all of them are warm and welcoming as can be amid the gorgeous winter-scape of the Litchfield Hills. A glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate in front of your own personal cottage fireplace embodies the magic of hygge to its fullest.

And the cozy perfection of your Winvian Farm cottage comes reinforced by all the other elements of the premier hospitality we specialize in here: the fabulous and thoughtful cuisine of the Restaurant at Winvian Farm, the perfection of our Winvian Farm Spa (which has its own crackling fireplace, irresistible after a luxury spa treatment), and more.

Indulge in a Hygge-Focused Winter Retreat to the Litchfield Hills

There’s nothing like returning from a rosy-cheeked cross-country ski tour or snowshoe trek through the Litchfield Hills countryside to settle in to a gourmet meal at our restaurant, or a happy-hour libation in your cottage, or a bliss-soaked massage at the spa. Embrace the pleasures of hygge: the bundled-up snuggle, the steaming hot beverage in cupped hands, the flicker of firelight against a window backdrop of woodsy winter dusk. Here at Winvian Farm, you’ll be immersed in hygge from start to finish—and its warm memory will surely stay with you even when you have to head homeward!


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